WSC Open Action Items

Instructions for each participant:

1) Do not let your Action Items go past due. It creates overhead for me, 
 which is time I could spend on the content of the group, instead of 
trying to figure out what I should do about overdue action items.
2) Complete your Action Item by the Due Date. 
3) Make sure to send an email to publis-wsc-wg with the exact ID somewhere 
in the subject line (upper case, with the "-", for example, ACTION-3) for 
tracking purposes. 
4) Set the state to "pending review" when you've completed it. Do NOT 
close it yourself; I'll do that. That's how they get into the agenda, so I 
can give you props during the meeting. 
5) If a personal emergency arises so that at the last minute you cannot 
possibly complete the Action Item by the Due Date, reset the Due Date. It 
takes only 30 seconds. And decreases my nag overhead. 

Thank you to all of you who do all this without regular personal 

[open] ACTION-350: Tyler Close to report about browser security model 
discussions - due 2008-06-01
[open] ACTION-365: Tyler Close to Propose subjAltName text for 7.1 - due 
[open] ACTION-366: Tyler Close to Explicitly address the attributes called 
out here in terms of the matching algorithm, and work offline with 
stephenf for his clarification on dc= (and anything else) - due 2008-09-05
[open] ACTION-368: Tyler Close to Draft reversibility text for 7.2.4 - due 
[open] ACTION-371: Anil Saldhana to Take a stab at ISSUE-124 - due 
[open] ACTION-415: Anil Saldhana to Add above text to 5.5.1 TLS errors - 
due 2008-04-23
[open] ACTION-416: Phillip Hallam-Baker to Draft proposal for slightly 
stricter variant of relaxed and basic - due 2008-04-23
[open] ACTION-417: Stephen Farrell to investigate completeness of error 
handling wrt TLS extensions - due 2008-05-15
[open] ACTION-418: Anil Saldhana to Make edit about terms of art, threat 
to user's interests to 6.4.1 (common error interaction reqs) - due 
[open] ACTION-419: Thomas Roessler to Either strike last para of 6.4.1 or 
propose alternative - due 2008-04-23

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