Agenda: WSC WG distributed meeting, Wednesday, 2008-04-02

        Web Security Context (WSC) Call Agenda

Calling information:
Wednesday, 02 April 2008
11:00 am - 12:30 pm Eastern time


1) Pick a scribe

2) Approve minutes from meetings

3) Weekly completed action items
(Usually checkpointed Friday am, US East Coast time) 
[pending review] ACTION-390: Thomas Roessler to Make it so [clean-up of 
error messages part of spec] - due 2008-03-31
[pending review] ACTION-400: Thomas Roessler to Merge text from ACTION-376 
(history storage language) - due 2008-03-25
[pending review] ACTION-403: Yngve Pettersen to Check reservation code for 
f2f hotel - due 2008-03-26
[pending review] ACTION-406: Ian Fette to Point out user burden concerns 
w/ petnames in detail - due 2008-03-26
[pending review] ACTION-409: Thomas Roessler to Revise "MUST include 
applicable DNS name" based on discussion - due 2008-04-02

4) Open Action Items

5) Action items closed due to inactivity 
None. Thank goodness.

6) Agenda bashing

7) Resolve to put out a Working Draft of xit as a heartbeat. 

8) Go over 5.1.5 Self-signed Certificates and Untrusted Root Certificates

9) Go over 5.4.1 TLS errors

10) Next meeting - 16 April 2008
Mez in the air; Thomas will chair
The April 9 meeting is cancelled, as both Thomas and I are at RSA. 

Issues that need resolution, so may be on the agenda, include: 

Review of 6.4, Error handling and signaling

ISSUE-110 POST triggered via JavaScript

ISSUE-116 ReconfigureChrome Should users be able to reconfigure primary 

ISSUE-128 Strong / weak algorithms?

ISSUE-133 Plugin Problems How do our definition of Web Page and the 
Robustiness section interact?

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