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Re: [whatwg] Any plan for a TIMEOUT section on appcache manifests ? Ian Hickson (Wednesday, 30 April)

Re: [whatwg] Fwd: fallback section taking over for 4xx and 5xx responses while online Ian Hickson (Wednesday, 30 April)

Re: [whatwg] Feedback on seamless iframe attribute Ian Hickson (Wednesday, 30 April)

[whatwg] hidden attribute useless with display: flex? David Bruant (Tuesday, 29 April)

Re: [whatwg] HTML spec incorrectly suggests that <br> can have its rendering changed with CSS Ian Hickson (Tuesday, 29 April)

[whatwg] [Notifications] Notification.hasPermission() instead of Notification.permission Peter Beverloo (Tuesday, 29 April)

[whatwg] BroadcastChannel should support structured clones Jonas Sicking (Thursday, 17 April)

[whatwg] [notifications][editorial] tweaking the "Activating a notification" window.focus() note Edward O'Connor (Wednesday, 16 April)

[whatwg] canvas drawImage and EXIF orientation metadata Boris Zbarsky (Wednesday, 16 April)

[whatwg] Add a |transient| mechanism to the notifications API Vivien Nicolas (Tuesday, 15 April)

[whatwg] Proposal: HTMLFormElement#requestAutocomplete() should return a Promise Dan Beam (Tuesday, 15 April)

[whatwg] Self-imposed script or networking restrictions (toward privacy and XSS-protection, and stimulating offline tool creation and increased but safer privilege escalation) Brett Zamir (Sunday, 13 April)

Re: [whatwg] Proposal: requestBackgroundProcessing() Ian Hickson (Friday, 11 April)

Re: [whatwg] Additional details for invoking requestAutocomplete Evan Stade (Friday, 11 April)

Re: [whatwg] <input type=number> for year input Ian Hickson (Thursday, 10 April)

[whatwg] [CSSWG][css-scoping] CSS Scoping FPWD Published fantasai (Wednesday, 9 April)

[whatwg] <canvas> feedback Ian Hickson (Monday, 7 April)

[whatwg] Canvas Computing text metrics Dirk Schulze (Sunday, 6 April)

[whatwg] Canvas normalize rect() and strokeRect() Dirk Schulze (Saturday, 5 April)

[whatwg] summary/details - proposal Steve Faulkner (Saturday, 5 April)

Re: [whatwg] Grouping in canvas 2d Jürg Lehni (Thursday, 3 April)

[whatwg] Various autocomplete="" topics Ian Hickson (Wednesday, 2 April)

Re: [whatwg] inverse property mechanism for Microdata? Ian Hickson (Wednesday, 2 April)

Re: [whatwg] More effective model for handling resources Ian Hickson (Wednesday, 2 April)

Re: [whatwg] Media sink device selection on <audio>/<video> Ian Hickson (Wednesday, 2 April)

Re: [whatwg] Effect on window.opener when navigating an existing window using Ian Hickson (Wednesday, 2 April)

Re: [whatwg] <keygen> and X509 client cert mime type Ian Hickson (Wednesday, 2 April)

Re: [whatwg] microdata questions Ian Hickson (Tuesday, 1 April)

Re: [whatwg] Document.title for SVG documents Ian Hickson (Tuesday, 1 April)

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