Re: [whatwg] canvas drawImage and EXIF orientation metadata

On Wed, Apr 16, 2014 at 3:22 PM, Justin Novosad <> wrote:
> But why a new version of drawImage? Couldn't we just modify the existing
> drawImage definition to state that it takes into account the
> image-orientation property on the source image?  The default value for
> image-orientation is 0deg, which corresponds to the current drawImage
> behavior. So I think we can make that change to the drawImage spec without
> breaking stuff, as long as we make the change while image-orientation is
> still an experimental feature.

Why is image-orientation in CSS for <img>? For background-image that
makes sense, but if you are actually affecting the semantics of the
image that is displayed, it seems like it should be in HTML or a hint
in the image format.

(My reply to Boris was going to be that drawImage() should follow
whatever flag we introduce for <img> to have this behavior, seems
weird for that flag to be in CSS though.)


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