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(Re|de)fining the identity provider sandbox

[Bug 19729] missing a reference for XMLHttpRequest in 4.1 Introduction

[Bug 20806] Section 15 (Security Considerations) is empty

[Bug 20809] Stream rejection not possible

[Bug 20816] "Hold" unspecified

[Bug 21086] getLocalStreams and getRemoteStreams should return empty sequence after Peerconnection::close

[Bug 21877] API is unable to handle inbound streams prior to arrival of answer

[Bug 21879] Unable to access certificate information in the API

[Bug 21880] Certificate management is underspecified

[Bug 22441] Bug in section 8.1.2 Requesting Assertions

[Bug 22442] Bug in section 8.1.3 Verifying Assertions

[Bug 23919] DataChannel.onerror callback needs an error argument specified.

[Bug 23920] TURN authentication failures should be surfaced as some event

[Bug 25102] RTCDataChannel::send() steps are not proper.

[Bug 25440] MediaStreamTrack.readyState has no muted attribute

[Bug 25497] RTCRtpSender / Receiver objects need to be added to the specification

[Bug 25513] WebRTC spec should explicitly specify all causes of a PeerConnection-sourced track being muted

[Bug 25533] WebRTC spec should explicitly specify the state transition for cancelled offers.

[Bug 25596] updateIce should be called setConfiguration

[Bug 25806] ice pool size

[Bug 25808] add new acces for the active remote/local SDP

[Bug 25828] Need to add pc.canTrickle)

[Bug 25833] change the definition of "enqueue a task" as EKR slides May 20

[Bug 25834] close is synchronous & idempotent

[Bug 25835] when closing, all outstanding actions are cancelled and their callbacks are fired with a "cancelled" error

[Bug 25836] add note about addtrack being async

[Bug 25856] Add way to find out if a MST is isolated or becomes isolated

[Bug 25859] Streams that become isolated generate errors on PC

[Bug 25957] PeerConnection should have an onerror event handler

[Bug 26027] addIceCandidate should not be callable when PeerConnection is closed

[Bug 26279] Options attribute is required for createAnswer

[Bug 26644] MID in Candidate event attributes

[Bug 27211] Add BundlePolicy to RTCConfiguration

[Bug 27213] DTMFSender should hang off RTCRTPSender, not MediaStreamTrack

[Bug 27214] ICE gathering state change should surface an event

[Bug 27224] Transport objects should be added to the specification

[Bug 27225] Encoding Parameters need to be added to RTPSender object

[Bug 27226] Codec capabilities need to be accessible on an RTPSender

[Bug 27227] New feature: Track swapping

Adopting the new W3C process for WebRTC WG

Doohickey vs. MediaStream confusion


New webrtc-pc Editor's draft (v20141205)

No way to set voiceActivityDetection when callee

onicegatheringstatechange VS onicecandidate with candidate==null (just one of them, please)

pc.localDescription sync/async issue

per-DataChannel stats: on PeerConnection or on DataChannel?

Proposal for RTCRtcpMuxPolicy

Reducing normative dependencies

Renaming RTCIceTransports to RTCIceTransportPolicy

W3C has a new process, should we adopt it?

WebRTC Certificate Management - a plea to NOT use Web Crypto

WebRTC Security Assessment

What to do with unsignaled media

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