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`localhost` as Secure Context, take 2 (was Re: CfC: Transition "Secure Contexts" to CR; deadline August 2nd.) Mike West (Wednesday, 28 September)

CSS fetch integration Jonathan Kingston (Tuesday, 27 September)

CSP tools and documentation Artur Janc (Monday, 26 September)

Restrict loopback address to Secure Contexts? John Wilander (Monday, 26 September)

HSTS Priming Kate McKinley (Thursday, 22 September)

remote participation for today's session Brad Hill (Thursday, 22 September)

webappsec tpac 2016 session agenda (?) Hodges, Jeff (Thursday, 22 September)

remote participation for TPAC Brad Hill (Wednesday, 21 September)

Call availability during TPAC? Deian Stefan (Tuesday, 20 September)

Call on 9/21 Crispin Cowan (Monday, 19 September)

Fwd: DRM protest timed with TPAC 2016 Daniel Veditz (Saturday, 17 September)

Autoclave Bill Scannell (Friday, 16 September)

Isolate-Me explainer Emily Stark (Dunn) (Friday, 16 September)

Re: [blink-dev] Must have SSL or dedicated IP address? Victor Costan (Thursday, 15 September)

Call for Exclusions: Secure Contexts Xueyuan Jia (Friday, 16 September)

WebAppSec and Auto WG discussion during TPAC Ted Guild (Wednesday, 14 September)

[webappsec] WG Note: CORS for developers Brad Hill (Tuesday, 13 September)

CSP: Embedded Enforcement Mike West (Friday, 9 September)

[SRI] require-sri-for syntax and additional SRI/CSP interaction Frederik Braun (Friday, 9 September)

[SRI] require-sri-for: missing integrity metadata? same-origin loads? Frederik Braun (Friday, 9 September)

Workshop on Web Application Security 2016 Stanford University, Sep. 9, 2016 Hodges, Jeff (Thursday, 8 September)

'strict-dynamic' syntax (was Re: On the Insecurity of Whitelists and the Future of CSP) Mike West (Thursday, 8 September)

On the Insecurity of Whitelists and the Future of CSP Hodges, Jeff (Wednesday, 7 September)

Re: Quoted Referrer-Policy values Mike West (Wednesday, 7 September)

CORS-safelisted request headers should be restricted according to RFC 7231 John Wilander (Wednesday, 7 September)

[webappsec] draft agenda for tomorrow's teleconference Brad Hill (Tuesday, 6 September)

Re: [suborigins] The origin relationship to suborigins Joel Weinberger (Tuesday, 6 September)

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