from July to September 2016 by subject

[Bug 12837] Define unloading document cleanup steps

[Bug 20322] Upload progress events vs CORS

[Bug 23878] Define a fetch registry

[Bug 24072] Clarify handling of neutered objects

[Bug 25587] Be more clear that progress events are about bytes being transferred

[Bug 25589] To improve readability, set response to null rather than network error

[Bug 26143] Create request early on

[Bug 26153] Allow ArrayBuffer as argument to send()

[Bug 26736] Does the final progress event need to be dispatched after readystatechange?

[Bug 26917] For any chunk, progress event should be fired at least in 50ms since the arrival of the chunk

[Bug 28505] Synchronous XHR removal makes patching Error.prepareStackTrace impossible

[Custom Elements] Should I write v1 Custom Elements in a way backwards compatible with v0 API?

[fileapi] Pull Request on GitHub

Call for Consensus: Publish HTML 5.2 FPWD?

CFC on referencing the Image Description (longdesc) extension

CFC to publish WebIDL-1 as a Proposed Recommendation

CFC: Collect CFC responses on Github

CfC: FPWD for Input Events

CfC: Pointer Lock to Proposed Recommendation; deadline August 20

CFC: Publish a FPWD of IndexedDB 2.0

CFC: Publish HTML5.1 as Proposed Recommendation (PR)

CfC: Publish XMLHTTPRequest 1 as a Note - abandoned work

Changing editors for FileAPI

customized built-in element questions

Draft recharter proposal

Extraneous reference to 3166 in appmanifest

Fwd: [TPAC 2016] reminder about airport transfers

Fwd: DRM protest timed with TPAC 2016

Fwd: Minutes / results of editing meeting

Fwd: Pointer Lock is a W3C Proposed Recommendation (Call for Review)

IDBOpenDBRequest Error event - typo in spec?

Leaving Mozilla

Meeting between Web platform and ARIA at TPAC

Meeting with Web Components at TPAC

Minutes from the TPAC Editing APIs meeting

Minutes from the TPAC HTML, IndexedDB, Directory Upload, WebIDL, UI Events & WebPlat meeting

Minutes from the TPAC Service Workers meeting

Minutes from the TPAC Web Components meeting

New editors for Clipboard API spec

noSQL database for Web Browsers

Please sign up / request agenda items for TPAC meetings

Publish HTML5.1 as Proposed Recommendation (PR)

Publish XHR-1 as a note

Quick update on WebIDL "Level 1"

Review request: Wake Lock API

Service Worker issues

Service Workers meeting info

Thank you Hallvord (looking for Clipboard API editor…)

Type correction Re: New editors for Clipboard API spec

WG Decision on referencing the Image Description (longdesc) extension

Wide review of Generic Sensor and Ambient Light Sensor API

WPWG meetings at TPAC

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