CFC: Publish HTML5.1 as Proposed Recommendation (PR)

Hello WebPlat,

With thanks to everyone who contributed, and to the HTML editors in 
particular, this is a Call For Consensus (CFC) to request W3C publish 
the HTML5.1 Editor's Draft (ED) [1] as a PR.

Please note, this CFC is being sent to as the 
official email list noted in the WebPlat charter.

Please respond by end of day on Friday 9th September 2016. Responses 
maybe given in reply to this email, or on Github [2]. Positive responses 
are preferred and encouraged, but silence will be taken as consent to 
the proposal.

Following Candidate Recommendation (CR), several "at risk" features were 
removed, whilst others were retained. Details can be found in the status 
section of the ED.

The HTML5.1 Implementation report [3] references three features with no 
known native implementations, and three features with one known 
implementation. In each case the W3C specification aligns with the 
WHATWG specification.

Of the features with one iplementation, we expect that there will be 
more implementations in the future. Of those with no implementations:

1. the algorithm steps to support CSP have no impact unless the relevant 
parts of CSP *are* supported, in which case they specify the expected 
behaviour. The chairs expect such CSP support to occur relatively soon. 
If it appears that this will not be implemented in the future, this 
change is likely
to be reverted in HTML 5.2.

2. the algorithm steps to support closing a blob with the FileAPI's 
close() method likewise have no impact unless the method is supported. 
Since the future
of that method is under discussion, this part of the relevant algorithm 
will be a candidate for removal from HTML 5.2.

3. probablySupportsContext is a convenience function to enhance 
performance when using canvas. If this does not seem likely to be 
implemented, it will be
a candidate for removal from HTML 5.2

  The WebPlat chairs recommend supporting this proposal. Although it is 
not perfect, it represents a substantial improvement over the HTML5 
Recommendation, so publishing it would be helpful. Rather than hold up 
the publication of these improvements, we can continue to improve and 
iterate the HTML specification as HTML5.2.

Léonie on behalf of the WebPlat chairs and team

Received on Friday, 2 September 2016 12:38:58 UTC