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'area profiles' - use case for back links

[Minutes] 2015-08-05

[Minutes] 2015-08-12

[minutes] 2015-08-19

[sdwwg] meeting on Wednesday

[WG Charter] draft WG charter for review

[WG Charter] Re: draft WG charter for review

About a resolution in the minutes 29 July 2015

Action-64: cross-reference "enabling discovery" issue with DoW and WA

Agenda for meeting tomorrow

apologies for today's call

Call this week

DQV, ISO 19115/19157 and GeoDCAT-AP

Fwd: Opening a demonstration area during TPAC 2015

Fwd: TPAC 2015, Sapporo, Japan - Registration and hotels

ISSUE 14: temporal reasoning and relations

ISSUE-15: Past, present and future

OGC requests comments on standard model and encoding for timeseries data

Our cross-referencing homework..

Regrets for the next 3 meetings

RFC 5870 - A Uniform Resource Identifier for Geographic Locations ('geo' URI)

SDWWG meeting tomorrow

Sdwwg: interactions with WoT

Should we pay more attention to SVG?

Spatial Data/Data on the Web BP relationship

spatiotemporal capabilties of web data sources (was: ISSUE 14: temporal reasoning and relations)

Use of the word 'standard' in the UCR document.

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