About a resolution in the minutes 29 July 2015

Dear WG,

I was on extended hollidays until this week and followed very little of 
what was going during Summer. Thus, I am only catching up with the 
activity of this group now.

BTW, regrets for today's meeting.

I notice in the minutes of 29 July 2015 that there is a resolution saying:

"<phila> RESOLVED: That Issue-21 be rephrased as shown above"

but it is not preceded by a vote. Was it agreed orally? It's not a big 
deal as the resolution has minor importance but it's better if we use 
the formal procedure for all the resolutions (that is, votes written 
with +1 recorded in the minutes).

Besides this, for what it's worth, I retrospectively support all 
resolutions that have been done this Summer.

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