Re: 'area profiles' - use case for back links

Le 05/08/2015 20:44, Krzysztof Janowicz a écrit :
>> It has the potential, however, to make the Web of Data much more
>> easily navigable.
> Yes, but it would also be a great tool for DoS attacks, SPAM, and so
> forth. You can check back links in your own logs and I think it would be
> great to have a nice tool or even hub that collects such data but I
> would not propose it as an architectural feature of the Linked Data Web.
> Also, as argued before this is not a spatial data problem.

Indeed, this is not a specific spatial data problem although it is 
definitively a nice feature to have in many systems: knowing what data 
out there has been published that have for geographical extent a 
particular spatial area.

In weblogs, there have been several proposals for having those 
"backlinks", which often consist in pinging other sites. Drupal has this 
trackback mechanism [1].

In the Semantic Web area, long time ago, PTSW (Ping The Semantic Web) 
has been proposed but is now down :-( Do 
you know what's happened with the service? According to [2], this 
service is now the property of the OpenLink Software company.
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