ISSUE 14: temporal reasoning and relations


The oldest remaining issue with the UCR document is ISSUE-14
<>: Not clear Time req. -
temporal reasoning and relations (xsd formats). Until now the issue had no
related e-mail thread. This message changes that. I hope we can all think
about this issue and work towards resolving it - hopefully in next week's

My personal understanding is that this issue could be intended to lead to
addition of a new requirement that is the temporal equivalent of the spatial
operators requirement
Especially when considering inexact dates and times I think it would be
good to have operators like 'before', 'after', 'during' at one's disposal.
But when looking at the Time Ontology I see such concepts are already
there. I understand them to be only usable with exact dates and times, but
there already is a requirement for temporal vagueness
Could this mean there is no reason to add another requirement?


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