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[whatwg] Web Notifications

a 404? you must know more! :)

Animation on Network/Web Thinking

Backers & Hackers Start Playing With


Building a paid App Market

community group feedback

doodle jump -- an html5 app -- webized

Early Prototype -- Web App Market

Extending the WebID protocol with Access Delegation

Fwd: Call for Participation in Locations and Addresses Community Group

Fwd: FYI: A URN Namespace for Certificates

Fwd: RDF2RDB 0.5

Fwd: Web Architecture

Fwd: wwwhisper project announcement (#ACL &

FYI : Google - StructureDataDashboard

Graphity -- Generic Linked Data application platform

MyProfile REST API.

New Decentralized Social Network -- Tent

Possible User Experience for a RWW app / Tabulator pane


Read Write Web — Monthly Open Thread — (August 2012) [via Read Write Web Community Group]

TAC + roles + resource access control = UAC

The advantages of verified identity! :)

Timbl talking at CampusParty 2012

Time-based One Time Passwords

Update on "Smart Notebooks" project [via Read Write Web Community Group]

Using WebID and Linked Data to drive Data Space signup and login modality

web app market wordpress install

wwwhisper project announcement (#ACL &

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