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Re: Extending the WebID protocol with Access Delegation

From: Kingsley Idehen <kidehen@openlinksw.com>
Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2012 18:37:25 -0400
Message-ID: <502EC7A5.5020003@openlinksw.com>
To: public-rww@w3.org
On 8/17/12 5:49 PM, Henry Story wrote:
> The Referrer header is made in the request. The header I was suggesting would be in the response. It would be somewhat similar to the X-UsageRestrictions headers Oshani has been discussing
> Usage Restriction Management for Accountable Data Transfer on the Web
> (IEEE Policy 2011)
> http://dig.csail.mit.edu/2011/Papers/IEEE-Policy-httpa/paper.pdf
> Augmenting the Web with Accountability (WWW PhD Symposium 2012)
> http://dig.csail.mit.edu/2012/Papers/WWW_PhD_Symposium/paper.pdf

I looked it up, noticed there's an ontology, passed it through URIBurner 
then applied this (via WebID ACL protected sparql endpoint):

## HTTPA Ontology

## Ontology URI: http://dig.csail.mit.edu/2008/02/rmp/rmp-schema#
## Ontology Document URL: http://dig.csail.mit.edu/2008/02/rmp/rmp-schema

INSERT INTO <http://dig.csail.mit.edu/2008/02/rmp/rmp-schema>
{?s rdfs:isDefinedBy <http://dig.csail.mit.edu/2008/02/rmp/rmp-schema#> .
<http://open.vocab.org/terms/defines> ?s.
<http://dig.csail.mit.edu/2008/02/rmp/rmp-schema#> a owl:Ontology .
?s <http://www.w3.org/2007/05/powder-s#describedby> 
<http://dig.csail.mit.edu/2008/02/rmp/rmp-schema> .
<http://dig.csail.mit.edu/2008/02/rmp/rmp-schema> foaf:primaryTopic ?s}
FROM <http://dig.csail.mit.edu/2008/02/rmp/rmp-schema>
WHERE {  {?s rdfs:subClassOf ?o} UNION {?s rdfs:subPropertyOf ?o}
                    UNION {?s owl:equivalentClass ?o}
                    UNION {?s owl:equivalentProperty ?o}
                    UNION {?s a ?o}

To get: 


Graph based ACLs are constructed from ontologies. Ultimately, I remain 
confident about a notification service moving packets (linked data 
resources) between data spaces. This leads to a much more data centric 
solution to these kinds of matters. That said, I'll will still support a 
lightweight solution based on HTTP headers, the implementation costs are 
insignificantly low, at least for us :)



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