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[Bug 1641] [FS] technical: Attributes: make normalizations explicit

[Bug 1705] [FS] technical: 5.2 Module Declaration: cyclical imports

[Bug 1743] [FS] technical: 5.15 Function Declaration: a function can reference any function

[Bug 2441] xqx: character references

[Bug 2794] [Update] mixing pending update lists with values

[Bug 2796] [Update] updating nodes, then returning values computed from them

[Bug 2799] Update of collections

[Bug 2817] [UPD] Unordered Collection of Update Primitives

[Bug 2979] [Update] delete or detach or both ?

[Bug 2981] [Update] inserting new top nodes and modifying collections, variables, etc

[Bug 2982] [Update] library of built-in updating functions

[Bug 2984] [Update] modifying collections

[Bug 2985] [Update] modifying the components of the dynamic environment

[Bug 2988] [Update] side-effect of deletion on the value of external variables

[Bug 3142] [FS] editorial: 3.1.1 Static Context

[Bug 3161] [XPath] string value not always derivable from typed value

[Bug 3169] awkward wording in Section 3.1.1 FTWords

[Bug 3173] [F+O, DM] A difficulty with document-uri()

[Bug 3273] [FS] technical: 2.3.1 Formal values: () in Values

[Bug 3312] XPST0080, XPST0003 and XPST0051 overlaps

[Bug 3363] FTIngoreOption "element nodes" vs just nodes

[Bug 3374] complete example (4.3.3) incorrect

[Bug 3380] [XPath] //45 returns what?

[Bug 3381] Remember document-uri

[Bug 3410] Editorial: Refrences to XDT namespace still remaining

[Bug 3414] [XqueryX] Location of schema and stylesheet

[Bug 3415] [XDM] Inheritance of Base URI

[Bug 3417] [XSLT] Base URI of a copied element

[Bug 3420] Editorial: two 'f's in if, "iff"

[Bug 3421] Editorial: multiple "the"

[Bug 3422] Typo in XSLT 2.0 CR.

[Bug 3423] [XSLT2.0] 14.3: reference target for "that item" in context description for 'group-by' (editorial)

[Bug 3433] Comparing xs:anyURI values

[Bug 3439] MildNot using wrong position info and not extended to properly handle phrases

[Bug 3441] [Serialization]: in which phase do indentation and meta-tags happen?

[Bug 3446] [XQueryX] constructing attribute values with whitespace characters

[Bug 3447] xmlns="QNameXSD"

[Bug 3472] [F&O] namespace URI for functions

[Bug 3474] [XQueryX] constructing attribute values with the less than character

[Bug 3485] [XQuery] relative URILiteral

[Bug 3486] [XQuery] relative base URI

[Bug 3520] [XQueryX] multiple target locations

[Bug 3526] May [xsl:validation] take an AVT?

[Bug 3528] additional expected values for decimal operations, part 2

[Bug 3529] [F&O] digits of precision returned by the numeric operators

[Bug 3530] The need for a simple declarative update language

[Bug 3532] fn-collection tests

[Bug 3534] Missing schema imports in LocalNameFromQNameFuncXXX and NamespaceURIFromQNameFuncXXX

[Bug 3540] comments on guidelines (editorial)

[Bug 3541] [Serialization]: round-tripping rules

[Bug 3550] expected result for ns-queries-results-q5

[Bug 3555] [Update] delete when the node has no parent

[Bug 3567] [UpdateUseCases] Spec unclear whether queries are "cumulative" or not

[Bug 3572] NamespaceURIFromQNameFunc001

[Bug 3576] static-context-1 should raise XPTY0004

[Bug 3578] Issues with May 8th Usecase Draft

[Bug 3579] externalcontextitem-22 et seq

[Bug 3580] clarify definition of xs:anyType

[Bug 3583] wrong namespace in modules-16

[Bug 3584] white space in fn-union-node-args-003

[Bug 3591] context-item-1 assumes context item undefined

[Bug 3593] URI for collations

[Bug 3594] fn-idref-dtd-8 seems wrong

[Bug 3596] second order aspect of scoring expressions

[Bug 3597] SeqExprCast-179 input valid?

[Bug 3598] xqx: missing XQueryX files

[Bug 3600] K-InternalVariablesWith-17 and K-InternalVariablesWith-18 don't use erroneous part

[Bug 3601] K-ReplaceFunc-6, K-ReplaceFunc-8 and K-ReplaceFunc-9 don't require the replacement pattern to be evaluated

[Bug 3603] K-FunctionProlog-58 expects error but may pass

[Bug 3606] [XPath] delimiting tokens

[Bug 3608] [XSLT] Unknown extension function in 1.0 mode

[Bug 3609] [XPath] Error XPST0017

[Bug 3610] Test fn-avgflt2args-1 answers are incorrect

[Bug 3611] Test fn-sumdbl3args-6 answers are incorrect

[Bug 3615] [F&O] Precision in fn:avg()

[Bug 3618] let score clause

[Bug 3624] unclear if modules-15 really should return XQST0088

[Bug 3625] Incorrect version identification

[Bug 3635] prolog-version-2

[Bug 3636] Constr-ws-xmlspace-2

[Bug 3637] [XQuery] Adjacent text nodes

[Bug 3641] xs:untypedAtomic promotable to *any* type?

[Bug 3644] [F+O] Casting xs:QName and xs:NOTATION to xs:string

[FT] Scoring expressions

[FT]About the grammar of XQuery Full-Text

[UPD] The intention behind fn:put()

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