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[Bug 2441] xqx: character references

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Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2006 10:44:56 +0000
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------- Comment #8 from davidc@nag.co.uk  2006-08-11 10:44 -------
I'm not sure why this bug has remained open for 9 months I wouldn't have
thought it that hard to fix the xqueryx files in the distribution (running
sed -e s/&amp;/&/
over them all would do the job)

However in case fixing the generator being used does prove difficult Perhaps I
should repeat the standing offer that the xq2xml distribution contains a set of
xqueryx versions of the test files, and is all distributed under the w3c
software licence so you are welcome to use any of them, I was planning to wait
until the XQTS 1.0 release before updating but have just updated today so there
are currently 15038 xqueryx files available in
which include files that fix this problem as well as files that fix bug #3521
and fill in the gaps where the current test suite has no xqueryx file at all
for some reason. If you want to drop some of these files into a 1.0 Test suite
release feel free.

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