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[Bug 3447] xmlns="QNameXSD"

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------- Comment #10 from carmelo@nist.gov  2006-08-17 18:29 -------
More on this still:

Regarding - schema-import-3 - The purpose of the test is to raise "XQST0057"
according to teh following section from the Query specs

"A schema import that specifies a zero-length string as target namespace is
considered to import a schema that has no target namespace. Such a schema
import may not bind a namespace prefix [err:XQST0057] ..."

Regarding "modules-none" - The purpose of the test is to import a non existent
module and raise the appropriate error as per the following section of the
Query specs:

"It is a static error [err:XQST0059] if the implementation is not able to
process a module import by finding a valid module definition with the specified
target namespace ..."

Regarding modules-emptyns - Even though the description is a bit vague (which I
will correct), the purpose is to raise XQST0088 as per the following section of
the query specs ...

"The first URILiteral in a module import must be of nonzero length
[err:XQST0088], and specifies the target namespace of the modules to be
imported.  ...."

Regarding Base-URI-16 and Base-URI-17, I am struggling a bit with those, any
hints will be appreciated.

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