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[Bug 3486] [XQuery] relative base URI

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------- Comment #8 from mike@saxonica.com  2006-08-17 11:22 -------
Considering this query (Q1):

<a xml:base="http://a/b">
  <b xml:base="c"/>

I was actually under the impression that it behaved the same as this (Q2):

<a xml:base="http://a/b">
  {<b xml:base="c"/>}

but a close reading of the text shows that it doesn't. In particular, looking
at section, Q1 is covered by rule 1.d, whereas Q2 is covered by rule
1.e, and in particular rule 1.e.ii.E. The effect of rule 1.e.ii.E is that the
final base URI of element <b> in Q2 is http://a/c, which I think is the correct
result. I believe this should be the result for Q1 also, and propose to fix
this by adding a 3rd part to my proposal:

Part 3: base-uri in an enclosed direct element constructor 

Add to rule 1.d of the sentence: "The base-uri property is set to be
the same as that of its new parent, unless it (the child node) has an xml:base
attribute, in which case its base-uri property is set to the value of that
attribute, resolved (if it is relative) against the base-uri property of the
new parent node."

(There's scope for editorial improvement here).
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