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[Java] Refactoring the ledger adaptor

[Ledger] Forming a Routing Working Group

[Ledger] Proposed Interledger RFC process

AGENDA - Community Call - 28 June - 3pm UTC

AGENDA - Interledger Call - 3pm UTC - 14 June

Alternative algorithm for timeouts

Atomic payments

Blur thinking about the future of money and payments, kilowat-hour as new money and how it can affect ILP Routing.

Following the workshop online

Forming a Routing Working Group

Hashed Timelock Agreements (HTLAs) Website Improvements

Ledger Plugins for Hyperledger Fabric or R3's Corda

Next steps to improve Interledger's technical side learning curve

Optimistic over Universal

Proposal: Create "map of ILP"

Proposed Interledger RFC process

Streaming payments for risk mitigation in Interledger

Workshop report

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