Re: Hashed Timelock Agreements (HTLAs)

On Wed, Jun 21, 2017 at 3:09 AM, Evan Schwartz <> wrote:

> What do you think? Does HTLA get the point across? (If this idea seems
> interesting or could use more explanation I could write up a full blog post
> about it)
I like this and think it gets the idea across effectively.  You should try
it out on people whose brain isn't already filled with this stuff though to
be sure.  Where were you thinking of using it?

I've always liked the idea that any two parties can formalize their own
settlement agreement and make it legally binding just by writing it up and
signing it (on paper, with ink), or putting in an online service's terms
for its users.  No fancy distributed ledger stuff needed. I think this
could appeal to a whole swath of developers who are (rightly) intimidated
by blockchains and smart contracts, especially if there's an easy-to-use
little ILP library they can plug right in.

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