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[Bug 15489] forms: <input type=email> validation needs to be updated for EAI

[Bug 16959] i18n-ISSUE-88: local/floating date terminology

[Bug 16960] i18n-ISSUE-89: Time zones and local dates and times

[Bug 16963] i18n-ISSUE-94: Allowing culturally specific week rules

[Bug 16965] i18n-ISSUE-97: Allowing a page to request a given locale ( normativity)

[Bug 16966] i18n-ISSUE-98: 13 month calendar support

[Bug 16970] i18n-ISSUE-105: compatibility caseless matching

[Bug 16979] i18n-ISSUE-119: provide example of language detection fallback

[Bug 17858] i18n-ISSUE-94: Allowing culturally specific week rules

[Bug 17859] Mechanism to enable localisation of form controls and other locale-specific data

[Bug 18162] IDN email addresses should be converted to Punycode before validating them

[Bug 18300] i18n-ISSUE-110: Contact information for meta extensions registry

[CSSWG][css-content] FPWD of CSS Generated Content L3

[I18N-ACTION-520] REMINDER: Please review Specdev!

For internal review: Ruby Markup

Fwd: PRI 319 comments

HTML issues?

HTML5.1 review

I18N-ACTION-506: Remind group to study quotation mark behavior for next call

I18N-ACTION-507: Double check handling of note status for unicode-xml while we work on it

I18N-ACTION-508: Publish updated unicode-xml note based on results of action-507

I18N-ACTION-509: Remind wg members to definitely read ruby/markup.en.html for next week

I18N-ACTION-510: Write a wiki page on <q> element proposal using extracts from the email discussion

I18N-ACTION-511: Check if discource for wicg can add notifier for an i18n label

I18N-ACTION-512: Send www-international an email about removing topic index and prepare new home page and other page mods as needed to support that

I18N-ACTION-513: Raise an issue against html about default q-styling

I18N-ACTION-514: Publish ruby markup article after pinging fantasai and koji

I18N-ACTION-515: Replace topic index with a giant search box

I18N-ACTION-516: Triage wontfixed bugzilla items in case any action is needed?

I18N-ACTION-517: Remind working group to review html items in for next call

I18N-ACTION-518: Submit approved issues to web-annotations after speaking to richard about the discussion

I18N-ACTION-519: Delete html51 label and update radar to reflect it

I18N-ACTION-520: Remind group to review spec dev, raise issues, with a target of discussing mid-june

I18N-ACTION-521: Take a decision on github html issue 122

I18N-ACTION-522: Html github issue 127 look into additional recommendations if any

I18N-ACTION-523: Review and update github html 121 about compatibility caseless

I18N-ACTION-524: Add comment to github web annotation issue 206 indicating that we think code points is the right solution but that we suggest/invite a teleconference

I18N-ACTION-525: Draft some examples of language use cases for review by felix of web-annotation

I18N-ACTION-526: Provide note text to indicate that selection tools should take care in selecting boundaries

I18N-ACTION-527: Review web annotation #227 and reply asap with advice on unicode normalization

I18N-ACTION-528: Look into issue 123 and update as needed

I18N-ACTION-529: Forward issue 122 to html

I18N-ACTION-530: Write to chairs@ with a note saying effectively "don't follow old lc model, giving us no time to react"

I18N-ACTION-531: Add big orange box link for "how to get a review" and pointer to spec dev

I18N-ACTION-532: Send a note to www-international asking for last call on deprecation of o-time and deprecate if no objection

I18N-ACTION-533: Update web-annotation 227 to say that wg thinks the normalization requirements should be removed and a health warning to do normalization on comparison might be needed

I18N-ACTION-534: Ping martin about unicode in xml

I18N-ACTION-535: Add note to issue 33 saying we don't agree before closing

I18N-ACTION-536: Publish predefined-counter-styles as a wg note

I18N-ACTION-537: File bugs against failing browsers, referring back to the encoding issue list, and update the encoding issues

I18N-ACTION-538: Work with richard and plh to establish procedure for bringing changes to encoding forward

Please review

REMINDER: Read proposed ruby article for next week's teleconference [I18N-ACTION-509]

review of qa-floating-times.en.html - additional article?

Reviewing Social Web Specs

SVG labelling issue with ARIA

Triage of HTML "wontfix" items [I18N-ACTION-516]

Unicode in XML progress? [I18N-ACTION-534]

Web Payments FPWDs published -- seeking early I18N Core review

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