Re: I18N-ACTION-507: Double check handling of note status for unicode-xml while we work on it

Hello Richard,

Comments further below.

On 2016/04/18 19:18, wrote:
> On 18/04/2016 11:08, Martin J. Dürst wrote:
>> Hello Richard,
>> With respect to a short-time publication of unicode-xml, I suggest we
>> either put the text saying that we are currently working on it into
>> whatever we have on github at the moment, and publish it that way, or
>> you take whatever version you think is most suitable, create a separate
>> branch for the upcoming publication, and work from there, with the
>> possibility to hand over some of the commits you make (e.g. those
>> discussing the status from the viewpoint of the Unicode Consortium) to
>> the main line (i.e. the gh-pages branch).
>> Does that make sense?
>> Regards,   Martin.
>> On 2016/04/15 00:29, Internationalization Working Group Issue Tracker
>> wrote:
>>> I18N-ACTION-507: Double check handling of note status for unicode-xml
>>> while we work on it
>>> Assigned to: Richard Ishida
> hi Martin, i think Addison was planning to contact you, but since you
> ask, here's what i'm thinking, and what we discussed during Thursday's
> call.
> We need to warn the people coming to the current Note in TR that
> revision work is going on and that the current document contains
> potentially misleading or incomplete information.  To do that, we can
> publish a new version of the Note (as a WG Note and in the same
> location) with a banner at the top saying so.

Yes, that's what I was talking about, in particular how to organize that 
on github. If possible, I want to concentrate on the update, rather than 
on the interim version.

> When the new version of UXML is ready, we'll just create a new version
> of the Note, in the same location, with the new content. (Of course, if
> people really want to see the old text then can just follow the previous
> links to see a dated version.)
> The action is about whether, and if so how, we need to publish copies of
> the editor's draft which is in github to the TR space while work goes
> on.  I'm hoping that we don't need to.  The new interim version of the
> Note with the banner can point people to the github site to see the
> latest version.  Then when we are finished with the update we publish
> the new Note (ie. no interim Working Drafts on TR).
> I need to check this with PLH, just be sure that it's 100% kosher. It
> will save lots of work and confusion compared to publishing separate WDs
> to TR.

Ah, that's more the procedural/political side of things. I'll leave that 
to you. I agree that it would save some work.

Regards,   Martin.

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