RE: HTML5.1 review

> From: Phillips, Addison []
> Sent: 10 May 2016 15:59
> Hi Léonie,
> Thanks for the note. I have added HTML 5.1 to our review radar [1]. I assume
> that you would like to receive comments as github issues. We will use the tag
> "i18n" when filing issues in your github issues list. Note that we may discuss
> potential issues in our own github issues repo separately. These are
> identified by the tag #html51.

Thanks Addison. That approach sounds good.

> Can you give us a little more idea what date you'd like to receive comments
> by? I assume that submitting issues to you should occur before your CR. If we
> have just submitted comments, how would they be addressed in CR?

Our cut-off point for making substantive changes before CR is 30th May, but we can continue to make editorial changes beyond that date. The sooner you can file issues likely to require substantive changes, the better chance we'll have of triaging and resolving them before the cut-off.

Thanks for your help.


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