Re: review of qa-floating-times.en.html - additional article?

On 25/05/2016 16:07, wrote:
> On 16/05/2016 18:52, Phillips, Addison wrote:
>> This has been a long standing action item for me that I'd like to
>> complete. Could you please review this link and send comments to the
>> list:

hi Addison, all,

this is a follow-up to a few points on my last email on this topic. 
Today i was working through the time and date stuff in HTML5, and i 
threw together a page to help me remember the various terms.  I uploaded 
it at

most of the text is lifted from the Timezones Note.

i suspect that with just a small amount of extra work it would be 
possible to turn it into a real article for publication.  We could then 
refer to it to answer the question "What are floating times".

let me know what you (all) think.

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