Re: I18N-ACTION-507: Double check handling of note status for unicode-xml while we work on it

On 18/04/2016 11:08, Martin J. Dürst wrote:
> Hello Richard,
> With respect to a short-time publication of unicode-xml, I suggest we
> either put the text saying that we are currently working on it into
> whatever we have on github at the moment, and publish it that way, or
> you take whatever version you think is most suitable, create a separate
> branch for the upcoming publication, and work from there, with the
> possibility to hand over some of the commits you make (e.g. those
> discussing the status from the viewpoint of the Unicode Consortium) to
> the main line (i.e. the gh-pages branch).
> Does that make sense?
> Regards,   Martin.
> On 2016/04/15 00:29, Internationalization Working Group Issue Tracker
> wrote:
>> I18N-ACTION-507: Double check handling of note status for unicode-xml
>> while we work on it
>> Assigned to: Richard Ishida

hi Martin, i think Addison was planning to contact you, but since you 
ask, here's what i'm thinking, and what we discussed during Thursday's call.

We need to warn the people coming to the current Note in TR that 
revision work is going on and that the current document contains 
potentially misleading or incomplete information.  To do that, we can 
publish a new version of the Note (as a WG Note and in the same 
location) with a banner at the top saying so.

When the new version of UXML is ready, we'll just create a new version 
of the Note, in the same location, with the new content. (Of course, if 
people really want to see the old text then can just follow the previous 
links to see a dated version.)

The action is about whether, and if so how, we need to publish copies of 
the editor's draft which is in github to the TR space while work goes 
on.  I'm hoping that we don't need to.  The new interim version of the 
Note with the banner can point people to the github site to see the 
latest version.  Then when we are finished with the update we publish 
the new Note (ie. no interim Working Drafts on TR).

I need to check this with PLH, just be sure that it's 100% kosher. It 
will save lots of work and confusion compared to publishing separate WDs 
to TR.


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