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Re: ISSUE-23 (Key Indentifier Case): Should Key Identifiers prioritize uppercase characters [DOM3 Events] Doug Schepers (Sunday, 29 June)

Request for Comments on Widgets 1.0 Requirements Last Call WD Arthur Barstow (Thursday, 26 June)

IRI draft refresh and timeline Phillips, Addison (Thursday, 26 June)

RE: TAG finding on "Associating Resources with Namespaces" Phillips, Addison (Wednesday, 25 June)

call for comments: Character Model Part II: Normalization Phillips, Addison (Wednesday, 18 June)

Rephrasing of Document Character Set article Richard Ishida (Monday, 9 June)

RE: i18n comments on widget spec Phillips, Addison (Friday, 6 June)

XMLHTTPRequest I18N comments check... Phillips, Addison (Wednesday, 4 June)

location of some text about extlang... Phillips, Addison (Wednesday, 4 June)

Is EBCDIC support needed for not breaking the Web? Henri Sivonen (Sunday, 1 June)

Powder and IDNAbis Felix Sasaki (Wednesday, 28 May)

CURIE draft review Felix Sasaki (Wednesday, 28 May)

I18n Core telecon minutes: 2008-05-21 Richard Ishida (Wednesday, 21 May)

I18N issues an OWL2 Jeremy Carroll (Wednesday, 21 May)

Core telecon minutes: 2008-03-05 Richard Ishida (Wednesday, 7 May)

FW: [Xml-i18n-bp] French Translation ready Richard Ishida (Wednesday, 7 May)

Re: C14N 1.1 review concerns... Grosso, Paul (Tuesday, 29 April)

Re: [HTML5] i18n comment 4: Add rlo and lro values to dir Ian Hickson (Friday, 25 April)

Bidi in Atom Felix Sasaki (Wednesday, 16 April)

[widgets] i18n Marcos Caceres (Tuesday, 15 April)

Support for Web Standards in IE8 Najib Tounsi (Monday, 14 April)

RE: ァ2.1.3 IRI/URI Canonicalization does not address IRIs with IDNs Martin Duerst (Thursday, 10 April)

Re: Tests updated and new results page Najib Tounsi (Wednesday, 9 April)

Re: §2.1.3 IRI/URI Canonicalization does not address IRIs with IDNs Phil Archer (Wednesday, 9 April)

New list of resources Richard Ishida (Tuesday, 8 April)

[SSML11] i18n comment 8: Interaction of voice and xml:lang (Monday, 7 April)

[SSML11] i18n comment 7: BCP 47 as a normative reference (Monday, 7 April)

[SSML11] i18n comment 6: RFC 3066 reference (Monday, 7 April)

[SSML11] i18n comment 5: RFC 4647 references (Monday, 7 April)

[SSML11] i18n comment 4: zh-CN-HK (Monday, 7 April)

[SSML11] i18n comment 3: Ignoring script and extension subtags (Monday, 7 April)

[SSML11] i18n comment 2: Who\'s description as a language tag (Monday, 7 April)

[SSML11] i18n comment 1: Language priority list? (Monday, 7 April)

Handling translation links Richard Ishida (Thursday, 3 April)

i18n Core telecon minutes 2008-04-02 Richard Ishida (Wednesday, 2 April)

Re: Characters, entities and references Felix Sasaki (Wednesday, 2 April)

Re: [ssml11] Fifth WD of SSML 1.1 is published Dan Burnett (Tuesday, 1 April)

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