Re: ISSUE-23 (Key Indentifier Case): Should Key Identifiers prioritize uppercase characters [DOM3 Events]

Hi Andrew.

Andrew Cunningham:
> I guess I'm not following this.
> So you're just looking at the scan codes then of the keys being pressed?
> if i press the q/Q key are you looking at a particular physical key key  
> on the keyboard? i.e. ultimately at the scan codes or virtual key codes?
> or are you looking at a higher level?

Yeah that’s right, that level of virtual key codes is what we want to
expose via the KeyboardEvent interface, but with platform independent
names for the keys.

> i.e. the q/Q key on a QWERTY keyboard is a different physical key than  
> the q|Q key on a AZERTY keyboard.


> So are you using a positional approach using the virtual keys or scan  
> codes of the physical keyboard, or are you interpreting the keystroke at  
> a higher level so that key interpretation is mnemonic, i.e. does it  
> matter which key is typed? or is it the q-key independent of the  
> physical position of the q|Q key on the keyboard?

Not a positional approach, since we don’t want to go down the road of
physical keyboard layouts, but yes the key with identifier "Q" would be
the one that generates "q" characters (or "Q" when shift is held, or
something completely different if an IME is in use).  I believe that is
the intention, anyway.

Do you mind if I forward this exchange back to public-webapps and



Cameron McCormack ≝

Received on Monday, 30 June 2008 04:19:30 UTC