CURIE draft review

I had an AI to look into i18n issue in
CURIE defines a data type which values encompass QName values and other
kinds of values. Others are e.g. "0321154991" in the CURIE
"isbn:0321154991". This is not a QName since "0321154991" starts with an

A CURIE can be identified by square brackets, e.g. [ex:home.html], to
avoid confusion with QNames. A CURIE consists of a prefix and an IRI
reference (irelative-ref), as defined in RFC 3987. About IRIs, the CURI
draft also says:

"The concatenation of the prefix value associated with a CURIE and its
reference MUST be an IRI (as defined by the IRI production in [IRI]).
Note that while the set of IRIs represents the lexical space of a CURIE,
the value space is the set of URIs (IRIs after canonicalization - see

RFC 3987 does not define a canonicalization process. So I'm not sure
what they mean here. This is a point where I would ask for clarification.

THe CURIE draft also defines an XML Schema pattern for CURIEs, which I
think is fine in terms of IRI:


Received on Wednesday, 28 May 2008 10:48:03 UTC