RE: [SSML11] i18n comment 1: Language priority list?

My notes from the FTF meeting in Beijing:

It is intentional that all items must match.  Note that xml:lang is not
related to voice.
Failure is handled by voice and inline failure sections.
More text will be added to clarify, an example, and links to other sections.


Richard Ishida
Internationalization Lead
W3C (World Wide Web Consortium)

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> No mention is made of the concept of a 'language priority list' per RFC
4647. We
> suspect that this is an oversight, since we expect that a processor needs
to choose
> one item from the list that best fits, and will need some help in making
> choice.
> Furthermore, the text says "A voice satisfies the languages feature if,
for each
> language/accent pair in the list...". We suspect that that should read
'if, for one or
> more language/accent pairs in the list...' The word 'each' implies that
all items in
> the list must match.
> If we are mistaken here, please make it clearer in the spec why this
approach is
> used.

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