Re: §2.1.3 IRI/URI Canonicalization does not address IRIs with IDNs

Hi Phil,

I was looking into this section in your attachment:

[ Internationalized Domain Names
    * Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) should be converted from 
Punycode [RFC3492] into their UTF-8 string representations. So that, for 

If you have
It is not possible to decide whether it should become
since "ss" in the Punycode string could have been originally "ss" or "ß".
So I think this canonicalization step is not feasible. I'm also not sure 
if it is necessary: If you get you 
could process it in Powder just "as is", without trying to go to the 
representation with non-ASCII characters. The same for 
http://www.exå . But maybe I missing something?

Just let me know what you think. Note that the problem of the 
unidirectional relation between "ß" and "ss" is a problem of IDNs which 
will soon be addressed by a proposed IETF Working Group, see


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