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[css-transforms] Object Bounding Box units and transformations on gradients, patterns, and masks Amelia Bellamy-Royds (Monday, 30 March)

[geometry] DOMMatrixInit dictionary Simon Pieters (Tuesday, 24 March)

Re: [geometry] Dictionary argument for DOMQuad constructor Simon Pieters (Tuesday, 24 March)

[web-animations] mailing list Maxime Peeters (Tuesday, 24 March)

[web-animations] New polyfill Glen Huang (Tuesday, 17 March)

[web-animations] does rescheduling create pending task? Glen Huang (Monday, 16 March)

[web-animations] Is changing fill mode a synchronous action? Glen Huang (Thursday, 12 March)

[web-animations] Significant changes to Web Animations coming up Brian Birtles (Thursday, 12 March)

[web-animations] Time fraction when iteration duration is zero Сергей Грехов (Tuesday, 10 March)

[compositing] Various small fixes for Compositing & Blending Level 1 Amelia Bellamy-Royds (Friday, 6 March)

[web-animations] Please, provide examples for AnimationReadonly usage Aleksei Semenov (Friday, 6 March)

[web-animations] missing mutable timing properties in Animation interface] Сергей Грехов (Friday, 6 March)

Fwd: [please, review] [web-animations] AnimationPlayer.currentTime value if player has a pending pause task Aleksei Semenov (Friday, 6 March)

[web-animations] Confusing variable names in Animatable.animate() examples Сергей Грехов (Thursday, 5 March) Scheduled Maintenance Linss, Peter (Thursday, 5 March)

[web-animations] no 'add' in iteration composite operations Aleksei Semenov (Tuesday, 3 March)

[web-animations] Add iteration delay Сергей Грехов (Tuesday, 3 March)

[web-animations] Typo in the keyframe spacing modes definitions Aleksei Semenov (Monday, 2 March)

[motion] feedback Loken, Cameron (Friday, 27 February)

[web-animations] Typo in fill mode both definition Сергей Грехов (Monday, 2 March)

[web-animations] animation node start time is redundant Aleksei Semenov (Wednesday, 25 February)

[web-animations] Use of AnimationSequence and intrinsic iteration duration Сергей Грехов (Wednesday, 25 February)

[web-animations] the definition of animation node is weak Aleksei Semenov (Thursday, 19 February)

[web-animations] Live update to the model issue Сергей Грехов (Thursday, 19 February)

[web-animations] confusing picture for player limiting behavior Aleksei Semenov (Wednesday, 18 February)

[web-animations] Some specification issues Сергей Грехов (Tuesday, 17 February)

[web-animations] Web Animations minutes, 14 Feb 2015 Brian Birtles (Saturday, 14 February)

Re: [web-animations] distance computation issue Brian Birtles (Friday, 13 February)

Minutes, FXTF F2F Sydney 2015 Erik Dahlstrom (Wednesday, 11 February)

Re: [filter-effects] What to do with errors in filters / Re: Minutes, 13 November 2014 SVG Telcon Dirk Schulze (Wednesday, 11 February)

FX-ACTION-91: Propose specification text for new scalar value for css transforms CSS-SVG Task Force Issue Tracker (Wednesday, 11 February)

FX-ACTION-90: Make text-rendering:geometricprecision change CSS-SVG Task Force Issue Tracker (Wednesday, 11 February)

FX-ACTION-89: Ask rik to produce svg versions of the blending tests. CSS-SVG Task Force Issue Tracker (Wednesday, 11 February)

FX-ACTION-88: Make non-none values of filter induce a containing block for all positioned descendants CSS-SVG Task Force Issue Tracker (Tuesday, 10 February)

FX-ACTION-87: Confirm that the firefox/presto behaviour of this svg sizing test is correct and get back to tantek CSS-SVG Task Force Issue Tracker (Tuesday, 10 February)

Should filters on the root element affect the entire canvas? Boris Zbarsky (Tuesday, 10 February)

[web-animations] Should default time function be "ease"? Glen Huang (Tuesday, 10 February)

[web-animations] Playback rate is still present in scaled active time definition Сергей Грехов (Tuesday, 10 February)

[web-animations] Web Animations minutes, 10 Feb 2015 Brian Birtles (Tuesday, 10 February)

[web-animations] Possible simplification of API Brian Birtles (Monday, 9 February)

[web-animations] Two or more animations associated with the same player Сергей Грехов (Monday, 9 February)

[web-animations] Can AnimationNode expose finished like promises in AnimationPlayer? Glen Huang (Sunday, 8 February)

Can AnimationNode exposed finished like promises? Glen Huang (Friday, 6 February)

[web-animations] AnimationPlayer.source Jonathan Watt (Wednesday, 4 February)

[web-animations] Not clear behaviour for invalid cubic bezier timing function Сергей Грехов (Tuesday, 3 February)

[web-animations] Animation groups and sequences have been moved to level 2 Brian Birtles (Monday, 2 February)

[web-animations] AnimationPlayer.ready confusion Aleksei Semenov (Friday, 23 January)

[web-animations] Darren Amer (Wednesday, 21 January)

[compositing] Add plus-darker blend mode Dean Jackson (Tuesday, 20 January)

[compositing] Requesting clarification of color interpolation Simon Thum (Thursday, 15 January)

[web-animations] Feature request: Expose cubic bezier in public API Miguel Camba (Saturday, 17 January)

[web-animations] please, clarify "The current ready promise is initially a resolved Promise" Aleksei Semenov (Friday, 16 January)

Overflow-clipping of filters with fixed-pos/abs-pos descendants Robert O'Callahan (Thursday, 8 January)

[web-animations] … Rodney Carbguif (Sunday, 4 January)

[filter-effects] Bug in feTurbulance random algorithm. Tavmjong Bah (Sunday, 4 January)

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