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(Partial) regrets from Charlie and me

**Draft** Updated list of action items second day f2f

1.0 errata section 10 (complex type validation clarification) (PR#135)

2008 combined Technical Plenary Week and AC Meeting - 20-25 October - Paris, France

A number of issues from Aaron are missing (action for Steven)

action items from telecon

ACTIONS from telecon

ANN: PicoForms XForms plug-in for Internet Explorer

Belated regrets

charter all set now?

Draft FtF Agenda, 13-15 Jun 2007

Draft Minutes for Hawthorne F2F (Day 1)

Draft Minutes for Hawthorne F2F (Day 2)

Draft Minutes June 20, 2007

Draft Minutes June 6, 2007

Feedback needed by Friday: changes that add src to XForms

Follow-up on issue #73

Future feature needed: Distinguishing ref types

Glitch in 9.2.2 The case Element

id function and xsi:type

Introduction of MarkS

Last call comment about readonly property with calculate (PR#45)

Last Call Comment: XForms 1.1 refers normatively to XForms 1.0 requirements but not XForms 1.1 requirements (PR#49)

Last draft of F2F minutes for Hawthorne

More on xforms:select storage

Need three volunteers for the Forms Joint Task Force

Nevermind about schema

Nillable complex type with simple content

Patent policy and XForms 1.0 Third Ed

Proposed LC response for string-compare() proposal from John

Question / comment about f2f resolution Resolution 2007-06-15.13

Question about resolution for action 105

Questions about the XForms evening at the XML conference

regarding Action 2007-05-23.2: Value changes upon instance replacement


Regrets for next two, possibly three weeks

regrets for todays teleconference.

Regrets for tomorrow's teleconference

Regrets for tomorrow...

Regrets, Re: TELECON AGENDA - 19 JUN 2007

Required but empty

Some possibilities for XForms at the XML Conference



TELECON AGENDA - 19 JUN 2007 - Regrets for todays call


test case for bind/@type validation and first text node rule

The action items for issues 72 and 73

Where are the schema files for XForms 1.1?

XForms 1.1 Last Call: comment about 4.4.5 The xforms-insert Event (PR#108)

XForms 1.1 schema change for value of case element

XForms 1.1 schema disarray

XForms 1.1 spec editor's drafts now available on public page

XForms and XML Conference

xforms:select and blank value

xforms:select storage

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