Re: Glitch in 9.2.2 The case Element

We intended to create a correspondence between non-selected cases and 
non-relevant groups.

The non-selected content should be "unavailable" as if it were in a 
non-relevant group, but I don't think we have discussed much the issue of 
styling non-selected case content as other than invisible...

Good catch.

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Ulrich Nicolas Lissť <> 
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06/15/2007 09:27 AM

Glitch in 9.2.2 The case Element


I think there is a glitch in the description of the case element: "This
element encloses markup to be conditionally rendered. The content
elements (e.g. form controls, groups, switches, repeats and host
language elements) within a non-selected case behave as if they were in
a non-relevant group (see 9.1.1 The group Element). Similarly, content
elements in a case that becomes selected behave as if they were in a
group that has become relevant. The attribute selected determines the
initial selected state."

I always thought a non-selected case has to be hidden in - well - any
case. But hiding a case is here defined in terms of group non-relevance,
which is not strictly defined to be hidden. A glitch or intent?

Ulrich Nicolas Lissť

Received on Tuesday, 19 June 2007 19:32:23 UTC