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Fwd: [Genivi-ad-hoc-sec] Security Team F2 at AMM Paul Boyes (Tuesday, 27 September)

GSMA IoT Security Guidelines documents 이원석 (Thursday, 22 September)

Tentative agenda for joint meeting between WoT IG and Automotive WG 이원석 (Monday, 19 September)

auto-ACTION-25: Make a list of actions for the service spec(what needs to be done in the following months.) Automotive Working Group Issue Tracker (Monday, 19 September)

auto-ACTION-24: Check what we need for use cases to support the spec Automotive Working Group Issue Tracker (Monday, 19 September)

LBS-api-webidl-draft.docx Qing An (Sunday, 18 September)

Tentative agenda for f2f meeting in Lisbon 이원석 (Saturday, 17 September)

WebAppSec and Auto WG discussion during TPAC Ted Guild (Wednesday, 14 September)

auto-ACTION-23: Talk with hashimoto-san about if it would make sense to have a joint session with the security wg/ig during tpac Automotive Working Group Issue Tracker (Tuesday, 13 September)

[Minutes] Auto WG 2016-09-06 Ted Guild (Wednesday, 7 September)

VSS Presentation Streif, Rudolf (Wednesday, 7 September)

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