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RE: Re:LBS-api-webidl-draft.docx

From: PHILIPPE COLLIOT <philippe.colliot@mpsa.com>
Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2016 13:15:43 +0000
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Hi Qing An,
Thanks for your quick reply. I just wanted to clarify it a little bit.
For sure, it’d be nice to be in line with vehicle signal API..
Humm, your proposal makes sense, I do my best to find some time to have a look at the WEB sockets.

Best regards

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Hi Philippe,

Please see comments inline.

Best regards,
Qing An

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Subject:RE: Re:LBS-api-webidl-draft.docx

Hello Qing An,
Just to remind you that what I've in mind is to generate the Web API for Navigation from the GENIVI API, by using the Franca definition.
Your proposal is  not really in line with that.
[QingAn] This is the initial prpposal. I suggest to have further discussion to see which part is not in line, and try to find possible solution.
Since two months I've worked hard to align the Franca stuff, in order to make it the official version in GENIVI.
For the time being the official version is defined under DBus xml format.
Migration to Franca (and CommonAPI for the proof of concept) is closed to be achieved now.
Unfortunately I'm late for the definition of the navigation Web API...
Generator is not available yet (I'll discuss it with Klaus), so I have in mind to take an example (routing) and to create the Web API 'by hand', to see how could be a file generated from Franca stuff. I had a look at the examples of Web IDL files provide by Qing An, and I tried to do it.
[QingAn] I agree we can start with routing example. Here I want to mention a comment received from last week's F2F: in current Vehicle Signal APIs spec (http://w3c.github.io/automotive/vehicle_data/vehicle_information_service.html#architecture ), there are two levels of APIs. One is Vehicle Signal Client API between Web APP and JS library which is WedIDL-based API, and the other is Vehicle Signal Server API between JS library and Vehicle SIgnal Server located within the vehicle and it is websocket-based API. It would be preferable that the Navigation Web API is line with that. So we need to clarify: whether the architecture of Vehicle Signal APIs spec can apply for navigation APIs? Is Websocket API supported in GENIVI navigation?
But  I'm definitely not sufficiently aware of Web IDL, and it takes more time that I imagined at the beginning.
I'll attend the W3C session dedicated to LBS Web API during the AMM, to clarify this point (I do really need someone to help me for defining the WebIDL version of the LBS APIs...)
Except some issues with data types and maybe some adaptations of the existing API, I think it's achievable. [QingAn] Good to hear that.
So, let's discuss it during a F2F in San Francisco.
[QingAn] I may not be able to attend F2F in October. Anyway, let's keep in touch.

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Have you considered applying SVG as map and POI data for automotive?
Instead of 2D, SVG has structures for describing POIs areas, routes and maps.



(2016/09/18 22:02:26), Qing An wrote:

Hi Philippe, Kaz and all,

Attached is the initial proposal for IVI LBS API design best practice.

This can be discussed on Tuesday morning session of TPAC automotive meeting.


Best regards,
Qing An
Alibaba Group

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