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Tweaks to XENC Requirements in Preparation for Publication as NOTE Joseph Reagle (Wednesday, 27 February)

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Revised Section 5 Eastlake III Donald-LDE008 (Tuesday, 19 February)

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Request for Guidance on XML Encryption changing MedaTypes Joseph Reagle (Saturday, 16 February)

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First Stab at XML Encryption Interop Matrix Joseph Reagle (Tuesday, 12 February)

Minutes of 020204-tele.html (last week) Joseph Reagle (Tuesday, 12 February)

XMLP/XMLE Use cases and processing models David Orchard (Wednesday, 6 February)

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Suggestion: OPTIONAL AES with encrypteded IV Christian Geuer-Pollmann (Monday, 4 February)

RE: Encrypting the IV - again. Was: Re: nonce length Mike Just (Friday, 1 February)

Re: Encrypting the IV - again. Was: Re: nonce length Joseph Reagle (Friday, 1 February)

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