Re: First Stab at XML Encryption Interop Matrix

On Thursday 14 February 2002 11:00, Takeshi Imamura wrote:
> >The matrix is now available at [1]. While I was creating it, I was also
> >doing some minor tweaks to the spec to make things more clear with
> > respect to conformance. Some of these things need some test-vectors.
> I think we can provide some of them,


> By
> what time do you expect to have them?

I suppose I have a useless answer: sooner rather than later <smile/>. There 
really isn't much else to do from the WG point of view! Don needs to 
give me some section 5 edits, I'll prepare the spec and formally request 
Candidate REC. (Today I presented some of the technical issues arising 
during Last Call to the Team and Director; I feel confident that our 
answers are reasonable/acceptable on the technical level.) So *I* need to 
do a few editorial/process thingies, but otherwise the substantive work 
item for the WG is implementation and interop: that will determine our 
future speed and progress. The more examples we post and interop results we 
can collect, the better our speed of advancement.

> >Also, I wonder if my tweaks to Decryption/3/4 is
> > in keeping with everyone else's understanding [3]? (Before, it just
> > said if it
> >was a KeyValue, is it correct to limit it to the decrypted text of
> >EncryptedKeys?)
> I don't see any problem, but if "key value" is changed to "CipherData of
> EncryptedKey", shouldn't "data" be also changed to "CipherData of
> EncryptedData"?

Yes, you're right, and now that I look at it, this text is in the wrong 
place. It's redundant with 5.1, so I've moved it to a new 5.2 qualification 
of Decryption/5.1 .
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