XML Encryption sample Signatures

FWIW, attached is a gzipped tarchive with some example signatures
that use XML encryption key info to provide HMAC secret keys.

Yes, I know that some of these signatures are without cryptographic
merit, and that the encryption spec doesn't explicitly discuss
generating key material for HMACs (I think it should), however I
find them useful for automated testing; it's trivial to check whether
a signature verifies.

. encsig-ripemd160-hmac-ripemd160-kw-tripledes.xml
. encsig-sha256-hmac-sha256-kw-aes128.xml
. encsig-sha384-hmac-sha384-kw-aes192.xml
. encsig-sha512-hmac-sha512-kw-aes256.xml
. encsig-hmac-sha256-rsa-1_5.xml
. encsig-hmac-sha256-rsa-oaep-mgf1p.xml
. encsig-hmac-sha256-dh.xml
. encsig-hmac-sha256-kw-tripledes-dh.xml

See Readme.txt for the values of fixed secret keys and for how to
extract private keys from the P12.

If I get a chance, I'll send some regular xmlenc samples too.

Disclaimer: This is all prerelease code, so I reserve the right for
it to be complete rubbish.


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