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CANCELLED Call 13:00 EST July 9th

Comments on XML Encryption

Decryption Transform

Dey Derivation Functions for DH key agreement

Draft Agenda for July 20th

Draft Minutes of 010720 F2F

Fwd: Surreptitious Forwarding

glitches in Algorithms section

proposed Nonce attribute

Publication of Draft ETSI TS "XML Advanced Electronic Signatures" for public comment: CORRECT LINK: STF178Task3Draft.pdf

Publication of Draft ETSI TS on XML Advanced Electronic Signatures for public comment


Questions on processing rules

Questions on XML Encryption Syntax and Processing Revision 1.29

Requirement to Warn of Surreptitious Forwarding

Section 3.4: Extensions to ds:KeyInfo Element

spec comments

Surreptitious Forwarding

xenc:Nonce and Schema Validation

XML Encryption spec

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