Draft Minutes of 010720 F2F

Thanks to everyone for their contributions, including the meeting host, 
minute takers, and presentors! Please send corrections to me and the list.



Resulting Action Items
      1. Eastlake: follow up the alternative to 5.5 and make changes in the
     2. Eastlake: send proposal on nonce. Reagle: investigate default
        state of schema element modification.
     3. Reagle: do the edits to xmlenc and xmldsig specs to address
        "surreptitious forwarding"
     4. Schaad: on DigestMethod/DigestValue send proposal for integrity to
        list within the week with the necessary changes.
     5. Eastlake: add a note not to warn against reusing IV in stream
     6. Dillaway: review section 4.3 on serialization and documentation.
     7. Reagle convene informal enc+soap task force.
     8. Reagle: update document where name 3DES is used to TripleDES in
        both places referenced to get around number as first character.
        (e.g. http://www.w3.org/2001/04/xmlenc#3des-cbc)
     9. Eastlake: remove the mandatory key words from the section on
    10. Eastlake: change the type / content of OAEP parameters to base 64.
    11. Eastlake: add real life examples in section 5.5 to illustrate.

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