Re: Questions on XML Encryption Syntax and Processing Revision 1.29

At 15:26 7/30/2001, Chng Bee Tiong wrote:
>1. In few places of the draft spec, there is mention of a Type attribute in 
>EncryptedKey element.
>     Where is this defined in the schema provided?

   Schema Definition:
   <element name='EncryptedData' type='xenc:EncryptedDataType'/>
   <complexType name='EncryptedDataType'>
       <extension base='xenc:EncryptedType'>
         <attribute name='Type' type='anyURI' use='optional'/>

>  2. Where is the definition on OAEPparamsType?

I defer to Don Eastlake who's the editor of that section.

>3. How are ds:DigestMethod and ds:DigestValue related to section 5.6?
>     I don't suppose it is the CMS checksum thing, right?
>     So how are they going to be used?


They provided integrity of the plaintext prior to encryption, Schaad had an 
action item to propose their removal but he hasn't done so (and he mentioned 
that if he didn't do it last week, it wouldn't be done?)

>  4. Consider <Person Gender="Male"/> and 
> <Person><Gender>Male</Gender></Person>.
>     I can encrypt the "Gender" element but not the "Gender" attribute.
>     What is the rationale?
>     If I can encrypt the "Person" element inclusive of the "Gender" 
> attribute", why is it that I cannot encrypt just the "Gender" attribute?

This one has been discussed a lot on the archives, but a while back.

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