"Replace and encrypt will be Recommended (optional)."

I've tried to reflect the decision (but have two questions):

>    A Poll was taken of the group on the behaviors. Based on that poll it
>    was determined that:
>     1. Taking in octet and deliver encrypted, take in encrypted and
>        deliver octet is Required.
>     2. Replace and encrypt will be Recommended (optional).

  as follows

$Revision: 1.29 $ on $Date: 2001/07/27 20:43:17 $
4.2 Decryption
  4. If it is an EncryptedData structure and the Type is "Element" or
     "Content", then:
      1. provide the octets to the application (REQUIRED to implement), or
      2. place the resulting octets as characters in place of the
         EncryptedData element with the encoding of the parent XML document
         (RECOMMENDED to implement).
     Else (if not of type "Element" or "Content") provide the octets to the

1. Was our intent to make this distinction upon encryption as well.
2. As written, I know it's wrong in that both are REQUIRED to implement, but 
exactly is the nature of the RECOMMENDED? I think the "or" is sufficient, 
and we needn't speak of required or recommended.

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