It appears that our definition of AgreementMethod is somewhat
over-restrictive. It could (?) be readily used in a MAC-based signature,
but this is not provided for in the text or definition.

I'd suggest generalizing some of the text from EncryptionAlg to TargetAlg
(with text stating that this may be an EncryptionAlg, a MacAlg, etc.)

We'd also need text to state the size of key to produce for a HMAC
algorithm; maybe, unless otherwise stated, equal to the (possibly
truncated) size of the HMAC output; e.g., 160 bits for HMAC-SHA1, or 80
bits for 80-bit truncated HMAC-SHA1.

The text also states that this will be the child of an EncryptedData
or EncryptedKey; this may not be true, as it could be the target of
a RetrievalMethod or (in the case above) the child of a Signature.
I'd suggest changing "a child of" to "the keying information for" or
something similarly vague.


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