xenc:Nonce and Schema Validation

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>Action Eastlake: send proposal. Action Reagle: investigate default state of 
>schema element modification.

The schema primer states:

       In addition to the any element which enables element
       content according to namespaces, there is a corresponding
       anyAttribute element which enables attributes to
       appear in elements. For example, we can permit any HTML
       attribute to appear as part of the htmlExample element by adding
       anyAttribute to its declaration:

And my experiment (attached) indicates that unless an external attribute is 
explicitly opted for, the inclusion of an external namespace will result in 
an error:

>file:/d:/2tmp/1/test.xml:1:1: Invalid cvc-complex-type.1.3: undeclared 
>attribute {http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml}:href

Consequently, if we want to increase the entropy of elements that are 
encrypted, alternative approaches should be investigated.
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