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ANN: BPEL4WS engine and editor released via alphaWorks

ANN: BPEL4WS, WS-Transaction and WS-Coordination specifications published

Closing issue #230

Closing issue 219

Comments on LC issues

Issue 221 (PI in soap documents)

Issue 231: struct v array in edge case

Issue 234: 'unbounded' v '*' in arraySize

Issue 292: Which fault code takes precedence BadArguments or MissingId

Issue 298: RPC array representation unneccesary

Issue 299: RPC return value accessor too complex

Issue 301: Universal Transport Binding

Issue 302: Graph edges that don't terminate

Issue 303: fault for broken array attributes?

Issue 304: Define One-way MEP

Issue 325: XML Schema encoding

Issue 356: Allow unqualified elements as children of Body

Issue 358: Length of URIs

Issue 360: Separate docs

Issue: context:FailureReason incoherencies

Issue: reqres:Role incoherencies

Issue: reqres:State incoherencies

LC Issue #373

Problem with resolution of Issue 221

Proposal for resolving issue 340

Request for some quick guidance on XMLP Issue 269

Request/response correlation in Email/SMTP binding

SOAP 1.2 Implementation Page

SOAP 1.2 LC Issue: Clarification on Use of what SOAP Faults Mean when not Direct and Only Child of Body

SOAP 1.2 RPC encoding issue?

SOAP schema bugs?

SOAP version


W3C, Web Services and Patents

XML Protocol Implementers Meeting Summary - 8/1

XML Protocol WG Implementers Meeting Summary - 7/31

XMP Protocol Implememters Meeting Summary - 8/8

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