Re: Proposal for resolving issue 340

I would expect that env:DataEncodingUnknown would be similar to
env:Sender, but I suppose that it could be equally compared with
env:MustUnderstand so I could go with either 400 or 500, but think
that 400 would be more suited.


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I took an AI at the F2F today to send a proposal to resolve issue 340

Part 1 section 5.4.6 (table 2) contains five fault code values:
VersionMismatch, MustUnderstand, DataEncodingUnknown, Sender and
Table 23 only maps four of these fault code values to HTTP status codes.
It seems like this was an oversight and can be resolved by adding the
following row to table 23:

env:DataEncodingUnknow 500 Internal Server Error.




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