ANN: BPEL4WS engine and editor released via alphaWorks

As a follow-up to the BPEL4WS specification that was released today
by IBM, Microsoft and BEA, we have also developed an implementation
of BPEL4WS called BPWS4J; it is available immediately at:

BPWS4J consists of two parts: an engine and an editor. The BPWS4J 
Engine is an all-Java implementation of BPEL4WS that runs in a 
servlet container. The BPWS4J Editor is an Eclipse plugin that can 
be used with Eclipse v2.0+ (

BPWS4J was developed by the Component Systems Group at the IBM TJ
Watson Research Center. The members of the group are: Francisco (Paco)
Curbera, Matthew J. Duftler, Rania Khalaf, Nirmal Mukhi, William A.
Nagy, and Sanjiva Weerawarana. Paco and Sanjiva are co-authors of
the BPEL4WS specification.

Received on Saturday, 10 August 2002 01:53:41 UTC