RE: Problem with resolution of Issue 221

I'm sorry, but I think a decision that PI's are illegal only in the outer 
SOAP structure (but not in header contents or body contents) is well 
beyond the scope of editors discretion.  The FTF meeting reached a 
decision which is minuted at [1].  Nothing in the final resolution 
suggests anything other than that PIIIs are prohibited from "the message". 
 Personally, I could have lived with allowing them in body content and 
header content, but am also perfectly happy this way.  Given that the WG 
his reached a clear resolution, which is reasonably clearly (if still 
unofficially) minuted, I think we have no option as editors but to 
implement it as decided.  So:  I think that senders MUST NOT include PIIIs 
in outbound messages, with the one exception noted for intermediaries 
(which are, of course, a form of sender.)  Am I missing something?

I have not yet worked through the other recent editors changes, but I hope 
that in all cases we are (if there is any doubt) checking the minutes of 
the resolutions from the FTF and wording accordingly.  If not, we should 
get together a quick list of issue numbers for which there is a question, 
and doublecheck.  I can help with some of the checking tomorrow and Tues, 
especially if someone else suggests the issue numbers that need checking. 
Thanks much


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Received on Sunday, 25 August 2002 17:13:24 UTC