Issue: reqres:State incoherencies

Dear all,

In its current state, Part 2 of the specification is not
coherent about the reqres:State property.
In 6.2.3, Table 3 [1], this property is defined as being an URI
In 6.2.3, Table 4 [2], and in Table 5 [3], it has Init for value.
It never has any other value (it should change at each state).

Here is a proposal for solving this issue:
reqres:State is defined as a String.
It can have the values: "Init", "Requesting",
"Sending+Receiving", "Fail", "Success", "Receiving",
Table 4 [2] and Table 5 [3] are modified to reflect the
changes of its value.

Another solution would be to keep reqres:State as being an URI
and to define URI for each of the different States.




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Received on Thursday, 1 August 2002 14:37:11 UTC