Re: Problem with resolution of Issue 221

"Champion, Mike" <> writes:
> So, someone help me understand this:  It makes perfect sense to disallow
> in the SOAP markup (oops, sorry, Infoset contribution) and processing
> and maybe header elements because they are so closely involved in the SOAP
> processing model, but why make them illegal in bodies?  PI's are in "bad
> odor" at the W3C (allegedly just because the early browsers did ugly
> with them), but forbidding them in SOAP messages and suggesting that
> intermediaries SHOULD fault on them seems like it will cause lots of work
> for the WG, the implementers that saying something like "the SOAP model
> not include processing instructions and their presence or absence MUST NOT
> affect SOAP processing in any way."



Received on Monday, 26 August 2002 23:55:03 UTC